Penned Thoughts

The Helmet Mystery?

Finally, I’d point this out. There are a thousand and one reasons why I have a helmet on. But I did not get these before I got to wear it. I was one that was faced with a lot of self ID issues. I am one that was (very very) shy of people I’m not used to. I am one that had (terrible) stage fright. As I was prayed for and advised by my pastor (Pastor Joseph), to keep praying about it, I was led by the Spirit to go in this direction. What you see currently is not the finished product of what I was led to do, but I believe it is a process that has just begun.


Did you know that music has the ability to control your thoughts, your blood pressure, your emotions, your hair growth, your breath pattern, your digestive process, your sense of smell, your sense of touch, your sense of taste, your sense of sight, your sense of humor? that sounds made up right? Well, yeah. I just thought those out, but feel free to research on them lol

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