The Helmet Mystery?

[vc_row content_width=”full” equal_height=”” shift_y=”0″ z_index=”0″][vc_column][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner][vc_column_text] No, that’s not a biker, and no, that’s not just for the props. This is a story about identity. A story about how I prayed for people to look at me and not see me, but rather see Jesus. A story of how God used a man to get me out of self ID struggle. The story of how a boy who was a mistake, who made many mistakes, could touch souls with a mixtape. The story of a man whose identity is only hidden in Jesus. A story written not in ink, but in the Blood. A story not conceived in the thoughts of man, but revealed. A story of a young man on his journey to perfection, who needs some direction. A man who only needs Gods strength to drive him into action. He who is a sinner on probation, was a slave to damnation, who has realized that without Christ in him, his life is just fiction

My greatest prayer as a believer, is for people to see me and glorify my Father in heaven. It is in this quest that I decided to cover my face and rather let the name of Jesus go before me.

Someone once asked me, “Are you able to see in that? Well, obviously, yes. The frontal section of the helmet is engineered in a way that permits vision through it. “But why is the “Jesus” inscription on the part that allows you vision?” they asked. Well, my father Prophet Gideon once preached a sermon on how vision. I was drenched in amazement in how he worked the revelations on how the world is different when you see through the lens of Jesus. This might look figurative, but believe me, the world looks way different behind that helmet.

As a DJ, one thing you need on your set is focus. In a setting that can easily distract you, ie., people’s dance moves, stage crafts, blinding lights; my focus is fixed and (someway, somehow) I’m constantly reminded of the task at hand. Many (DJs) would agree with me on the fact that even a tiny mistake, a mistake as minute as a needle glitch on your turntable can ruin your mood on a set. Behind this, I get up to 80% more focus than with an exposed head. Most people (DJs) won’t admit this, but one of our major distractions on set is our phone. With messages flooding in from people (and it seems as though random people always text you only when you’re on set), the urge to while away some track time (especially when you’re in the zone) by checking random stuff on your phone, it was one thing that I struggled with. Now, I can barely use my phone when I’m actively on set cos FaceID doesn’t work through the helmet. ‘En effet’, more time to get the next cue point right lol

In a season when you can barely see what lies ahead, you might wanna get some form of protection for your skull right? lol. The bible instructs us in Ephesians 6:10 onwards to put on the whole armor of God. In the 17th verse, it talks about the helmet of salvation. Another sermon my father preached on this subject revealed the importance of having a protection on your head (though spiritually). He explained what salvation is and how we attain salvation. The three different forms of salvation and how salvation is nothing but Christ Jesus. In this context (again figuratively), signifying my salvation from sin and the ways of the enemy, the active attempt (also figuratively) to shield my mind from the constant bombardments of the enemy (cos when that helmet is on, the focus and only thought at mind is the assignment at hand) and finally, the minor weight on my head is a reminder of Jesus’ declaration in Matthew 11 of His yoke being easy and His burden light (Lyte lol)

Finally, I’d point this out. There are a thousand and one reasons why I have a helmet on. But I did not get these before I got to wear it. I was one that was faced with a lot of self ID issues. I am one that was (very very) shy of people I’m not used to. I am one that had (terrible) stage fright. As I was prayed for and advised by my pastor (Pastor Joseph), to keep praying about it, I was led by the Spirit to go in this direction. What you see currently is not the finished product of what I was led to do, but I believe it is a process that has just begun.

I would love to use this opportunity to say a massive thanks to my dad (first of all), for his constant prayers, advices, selfless giving and spiritual impartation. Then a big thanks to Pastor Joseph Stein for dragging me back onto the course (of DJing) when I almost gave up on it, and or giving me the platform to exhibit it on. A big thanks to Pastor Samuel Darko for taking his time to nurture me, leading me in the path of prayer and coaching, taking his time to sit me down and talk to me on life issues and how to manoeuvre them as a christian, sharing personal life experiences to teach me and help me grow. To Pastor Haidar Benedict for believing in my gifting and constantly advising me on the path of  life, for teaching me deeper things and exposing me to deeper revelations in scriptures. For challenging me to go deeper in the word and opening me up to a new understanding of Christianity. To Pastor Paul Lartey for seeing me worthy to draw from his wells. For encouraging me in scriptures and in word. For his kindness, care (spiritually, physically, mentally, medically) and generosity even in deeds. To Pastor Samuel Daniels for his constant prophetic prayers and advices, his timely messages and declarations and also for inspiring this blog. To Pastor Andy Halm for his encouragement and prayers. For the times and opportunities he gave me to serve and the many times God used him to bless me. To Pastors Sultan Robert and James Allotey, for their availing themselves to be used to nurture me into higher levels of service. Last but not least, to my family (Throne room and Upper room) the love is deep from this side.


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