The Toast

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So I write this to those who once thought we couldn’t make it without them; played with our minds and controlled the mayhem.
To them, we raise a glass of fine wine and say a silent “jokes on you”.
To they that left us to labor and toil, those who literally threw us in hot water to boil;
Those who sat on our happiness day and night and shielded our eyes from seeing the light;
Those who knew the right way but watched in excitement as we went astray;
Those who denied us opportunities, chances, prizes and sat on our royalties;
Those who denied us love, who made us feel as though we were cursed from up above;
Those who made us a laughing topic and visualized our life dreams as myopic.
We raise this glass to the bosses, who rejected us for big b**bs and fat a**es.
We raise it to all them b**ches, who ignored us for looks, books and riches; and to the n**gas who overlooked us when we fell in ditches;
As much as you caused us pain, it made us raise our game.
It took us to a new dimension of reasoning;
A different visualization of life and living it.
A new dawn of understanding, the new era under which we are standing;
The canopy, the shadow, the blessings unending;
The wining and dining; the parties and grinding;
The deals we’re ignoring and contracts we’re pending.
OH GOSH!! We’re over-booked!
Aren’t we the ones who were overlooked?
I was just a Light in august, now I’m the Lyte (Light) of Augustt
I’ve learned a lot and lost a lot. Now I lose things and never mind.
I can’t remember the last thing I lost but I’m sure it was my mind.


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